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A Message from our Publisher, Kristine Pagsuyoin

One of my favorite roles is serving as the publisher of the Heights Observer. You may already know that the Heights Observer is an award-winning newspaper, but did you know we are in our 15th publishing year! The Heights Observer is a very good source of local news, views, events, and other information for residents of Cleveland Heights and University Heights. It is a well-run publication with editors and a sales team who are intentional in supporting writers and local businesses, along with a graphic design team that makes us look great. It takes a significant amount of time and dedication to produce a monthly print issue. I'm very proud of our staff and their commitment to creating a quality community paper.

Over the last 15 years, the Heights Observer has been sustained by our generous advertisers and donors. Funds raised from these sources help to pay for printing a monthly paper (a rarity in most communities), pay for the editors and staff, and ongoing distribution. The Heights Observer Enews is also sent out digitally every Tuesday with information you may not see in print. 

I hope you will consider giving your support through a tax-deductible donation to help us keep the Heights Observer in print and FREE to all our readers. It isn't often that communities have such a great local resource to share what is going on in their neighborhoods, schools, and business districts. There is always so much to share! 

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