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About Us


Who and What We Are

The Heights Observer, a program of FutureHeights, supports an involved, informed citizenry by cultivating citizen journalists and neighborhood news.

A not-for-profit, volunteer effort, the Heights Observer serves the cities of Cleveland Heights and University Heights, Ohio. Comprised of a web site and a printed newspaper (first issue: April 2008), it is operates independently of any other organization, and is loosely affiliated with The Lakewood Observer, Lakewood, Ohio.

Startup support was provided by The Cyrus Eaton Foundation, The Dominion Foundation, and The Katherine and Lee Chilcote Foundation.

The success of the Heights Observer relies on donations and yours can make a difference.


FutureHeights participates in Guidestar, the online standard for nonprofit accountability.

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Advisory Committee


About the Heights Observer Advisory Committee 

The Heights Observer serves Cleveland Heights and University Heights as a forum for members of the community to write about and discuss local issues, ideas, events and other goings on that people who live here want to discuss. It seeks to encourage community engagement, transparency in governance and an appreciation for the qualities that make the community desirable to those who live here. A copy of our mission is available here.

The Heights Observer is published by the nonprofit FutureHeights. The FutureHeights Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the Observer’s financial sustainability and adherence to its basic role as a community soapbox. The board is served in this function by the Heights Observer Advisory Committee.

The Heights Observer Advisory Committee is made up of individuals from the community and is chaired (or co-chaired) by a member of the FutureHeights board. The committee exists to assure community representation and transparency in the ongoing operation of the Heights Observer. In that role, it discusses and makes recommendations to the board and publisher on issues including:

  • Editorial policy
  • Operating processes
  • Financial and operating sustainability
  • Projects, partnerships, affiliations and initiatives
  • Other issues as they arise

The size and makeup of the Advisory Committee is not specifically defined, but includes a board-member chair and the publisher/FutureHeights Executive Director.

Members of the committee will generally meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of one of the communities served (Cleveland Heights and University Heights)
  • A current or previous contributor to the Heights Observer project in some capacity (writer, editor, distribution volunteer, specialized advisor, etc.)
  • Interested in the Heights Observer project as defined above
  • A practitioner in civility and civil discourse
  • Able and willing, given reasonable advance notice, to attend committee meetings, generally held on weekday evenings, as often as once a month
  • Able and willing to participate actively in projects or initiatives that may be undertaken as a result of committee discussion

 For a list of current members of the Heights Observer Advisory Committee, click here

Applying to join the Heights Observer Advisory Committee

Members may serve on the Heights Observer Advisory Committee for as long as they remain active and constructive participants. It is the role of the committee chair(s) to determine the appropriate size and makeup of the committee.

Application to join the committee can be made at any time. The application will be reviewed by the committee chair and members of the committee, followed by an in-person meeting with the committee chair. Because the committee meets no more than once per month, the application process may take several weeks.

Click here for an application to the Heights Observer Advisory Committee

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Contact Us


The Heights Observer office is open 5 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

email: info@futureheights.org

phone: 216-320-1423



2843 Washington Blvd., Suite 105

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

(216) 320-1423


FutureHeights is a 510(c)3 nonprofit organization.


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Distribution Locations


Heights Observer is available free of charge at businesses, libraries, government offices and religious institutions throughout Cleveland Heights and University Heights. Click here for the current list of locations.

Want to get it in the mail? Donate today to the good work of FutureHeights and receive the Heights Observer as a premium for a $60+ donation. 

If you would like to carry the Heights Observer in your place of business, please call us at 216-320-1423, or email info@futureheights.org.

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The Heights Observer is a not-for-profit effort and relies on voluntary contributions from readers like you to keep it going.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible and signs you up as a one-year member of FutureHeights.

And, as a special incentive, donate $60 and above and receive the next 12 issues of the Heights Observer sent to you or the address of your choice!

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Thank you for your support!

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Mission Statement


Our Mission

The mission of the Heights Observer is to serve as a self-sustaining media outlet that strengthens the communities of Cleveland Heights and University Heights.

Our goals:

  • To be a community advocate

  • To be a catalyst for public discourse

  • To keep residents informed

  • To promote citizen involvement

  • To reflect diversity and improve the overall quality of life for residents

  • To be a resource for the local, independent businesses that are central to the community's unique and vibrant character. 

For a good overview of citizen media, read Citizen Media: Fad or Future of the News? (pdf), published by J-Lab.

The success of the Heights Observer and its committment to the goals list above relies on donations, and yours can make a difference. Please consider making a donation to FutureHeights, publisher of the Heights Observer, through Network for Good.



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Micah Kirman, Publisher, Heights Observer; Interim Executive Director, FutureHeights

Kim Sergio Inglis, Editor-in-Chief, Heights Observer

Jessica Schantz, e-News, Distribution, and Managing Editor, Heights Observer

Bob Rosenbaum, Advertising, Heights Observer

Patricia Harris, Bookkeeper, FutureHeights


Contact us at 216.320.1423 or info@futureheights.org.

Our office hours are:

M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2834 Washington Blvd., Suite 105

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118


The Heights Observer Editorial Advisory Committee:

  • David Budin
  • Greg Donley
  • Judith Eugene
  • Jewel Moulthrop
  • Vince Reddy
  • Bob Rosenbaum, chairman
  • Kim Sergio Inglis, editor-in-chief
  • Julia Kious Zabell, FutureHeights Board Member
  • Jessica Schantz
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