CH council leaders report on first 100 days

As the newly elected president (Tony Cuda) and vice president (Davida Russell) of Cleveland Heights City Council, we would like to present our report detailing our first 100 days in office. Since assuming our new roles on council, we have held four neighborhood meetings, changed the legislative process, changed the legislative schedule to give council members more time to prepare for meetings, and passed some very important legislation.

We listened carefully to residents’ concerns about safety issues, including crime, lack of police presence, and rampant speeding and running of stop signs. We also heard a lot about the lack of code enforcement in our residential neighborhoods, as well as the condition of some of our ailing business districts. There was also much angst about the general maintenance of our streets and parking garages.

We passed all of these concerns along to the administration.

We also gave residents ways in which they can report their complaints, either by using the Access Cleveland Heights app, or by e-mailing the Mayor’s Action Center,

Additionally, we explained our roles as members of council and the role of the administration, so residents were clear on how to effectively address their concerns.

The most important piece of legislation council has passed so far this year was the WXZ/Taylor Tudor project. This is a mixed-use renovation project on South Taylor between Blanche Avenue and Cain Park that will likely transform that neighborhood. For more information, visit, type in “Taylor Tudor,” then click on the “WXZ Planning Development Presentation.”

Finally, here is a preview of what will likely be on council’s plate for May and June:

  • Choosing a new council member by May 2 to replace Janine Boyd
  • TWG/Nobility Court 52-unit apartment building at Noble and Woodview roads
  • Charter Review recommendations
  • Cedar-Fairmount grocery store
  • ARPA contracts
  • Cumberland Pool renovation
  • Racial Justice Task Force recommendations
  • Proposed dog park
  • Lifeguards at the Heights High pool

We are very much enjoying our new leadership roles on council. We meet with the mayor, law director, and clerk of council every week.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please e-mail or Davida Russell at

Tony Cuda and Davida Russell

Tony Cuda, president of Cleveland Heights City Council, and Davida Russell, vice president, are longtime city residents.

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Volume 17, Issue 5, Posted 9:53 AM, 04.29.2024