Crowdsourced Conversations launches car-less-living survey

Building Community With Renters and Landlords was a 2023 Crowdsourced Conversations topic. [photo: Sarah Wolf]

The survey for 2024’s first Crowdsourced Conversations topic, Living Less Car-Centric in the Heights, launches March 1 and will remain live through March 31. The survey, and additional information, can be found at

Crowdsourced Conversations is a forum series hosted by FutureHeights with the support of partner organizations Home Repair Resource Center, Cleveland Heights Green Team, Heights Libraries, and Heights Biking Coalition, as well as many volunteers from across the community.

A community-building initiative, the series invites all Heights residents to the table to share their experiences, with the aim of finding ways to take meaningful action and supporting the ongoing work in our neighborhoods and across Cleveland Heights and University Heights.

The other three 2024 Crowdsourced Conversations topics will be: Turning the Noble Neighborhood and Business District into a Destination; Our Public Parks; and Looking at Severance Town Center as a Case Study: How Can Residents Become Meaningfully Involved.

Each topic goes through two phases: a Heightswide survey, and a community conversation. Surveys are live for an entire month and are conducted electronically.

Once the survey closes, a survey-data report is generated and is made publicly available on the FutureHeights website. The data also is used to create action-oriented small-group discussion questions for the community conversation on the same topic.

At each Crowdsourced Conversations event, participants come together in small groups to spark ideas on how they can get more involved and take action in a way that feels meaningful to them.

Once the event is over, participants have the option to stay connected with other group members and even be reconnected with group members when they return for the next Crowdsourced Conversations event. Additionally, a resource page for each topic is generated and can be found at

Any Heights resident who has questions, or wants to participate but might require assistance or needs access to a web-accessible device, should e-mail or call the FutureHeights office at 216-320-1423.

In 2023, Crowdsourced Conversations explored Our Public Schools, Traveling Around Town, Building Community with Renters and Landlords, and Planning and Development in the Heights. In 2022, the topics were Sustainability, Housing and Neighborhood Preservation, Community Safety, and Civic Engagement.

Sarah Wolf

Sarah Wolf is the community-building programs manager at FutureHeights.

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Volume 17, Issue 3, Posted 3:05 PM, 02.28.2024