"Kindling Creativity: Lake Erie Ink's Winter Warmth"

"Snow All Over” 

Written in response to  Hockey on De Bullion Painting by Carole Spandau

Outside the frame, it is people

Kids playing hockey on the sidewalk

Cars everywhere

Stairs to the apartments

Trees with no leaves as far as the eye can see

Windows all around

Snow on the street

Colors all around

Time going fast close to sunset

Sun low street lights coming on

Going in for dinner on this cold hard winter day

One vs two, red vs blue who am I to tell what they do

Teddy M., Garfield HS


As the winter frost blankets the city, Lake Erie Ink’s winter programming takes center stage. With everything from playwriting, science fiction and D & D story building sessions, LEI programs offer space for kids to warm up their imaginations. Designed to connect literacy, creativity and fun, Lake Erie Ink is not just trying to keep the cold at bay

December might be a short month, but LEI will make it a creative one! They are offering a perfect workshop for holiday preparations: ‘Paper Arts’ Explore 3-D collaging with Lake Erie Ink takes place at CMA's Community Arts Center at the Pivot Center on December 16th from 10-12. For those long days during winter break, younger kids in grades 2-5, can join Creative Play Days from 9:30-12:30 

Under the guidance of passionate teaching artists, the winter workshops are designed to kindle the creative flame within, providing a respite from the cold while fostering a sense of community among participants. Students can look forward to Evening Ink workshops such as "Dungeons and Dragons: Story Games," "Inside Out: Queer Writers Connect," and "Create New Worlds: Sci-Fi & Fantasy." Weekend Ink includes Playwriting workshops in collaboration with Dobama Theatre, and our beloved, Kids’ Comic Con, happening in early March.

Founded on the belief that every child's voice deserves to be heard, Lake Erie Ink offers a diverse range of programming tailored to nurture and inspire, kindling a passion that will burn bright long after the snow has melted away. The seeds of creativity sown here take root, blooming into stories, poems, and artwork that resonate with the theme of making “Words Bloom.”

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, Lake Erie Ink stands as a beacon of warmth and expression. Registration for winter programming is now open! Learn more at www.lakeerieink.org/spring.

Janae Bryson

Marketing Coordinator at Lake Erie Ink

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Volume 16, Issue 12, Posted 4:32 PM, 11.29.2023