Change needed on CH City Council for Coventry

To the Editor:

I was raised in Cleveland Heights, attended Coventry Elementary School, and spent countless hours on Coventry Road. After a decade in North Carolina, I was excited to move back to Coventry Village. But things have changed, and the decline is sobering. 

It’s appalling to see the neglect of this historic, once vibrant neighborhood by our mayor and city council. Before this month, I had no idea who was on CH City Council or why there was no attention being paid to my neighborhood.

That changed when I learned about Council President Melody Joy Hart banging her gavel and cutting off the microphone of Black Council Member Davida Russell. As an African-American, it was deeply troubling. The status quo of silencing voices, along with politicians who have not shown much interest in our distressed community need to go. 

I urge folks to give Jim Petras and Jeanne Gordon a chance on city council. Jim is both the young blood we need and an actual renter like myself! When was the last time Council even had someone who was a renter representing the interests of folks like myself?

Jeanne Gordon has taken an interest in Coventry and economic development, and, unlike some of the current council members, pledges transparency and accountability with our tax dollars. The only council member I see as actually trying to solve our problems constructively while not berating her colleagues is Gail Larson, so please retain her!

Abel Mills

Abel Mills
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 16, Issue 11, Posted 10:35 AM, 10.27.2023