Re-elect Larson to CH council

The evidence is clear that CH Council Member Gail Larson is an advocate for all residents of Cleveland Heights.

In addition to her hard work on council since February 2022, Gail has been a tireless leader responding to citizen needs. She answers phone calls and e-mails, and will even take a walk or meet with a resident over a cup of coffee to engage in hard conversations. In short, she is available to be a listener to the many voices of citizens and to follow up with action.

Three examples of follow-up action on her part include getting a stop sign installed at Montevista Road and Ardoon Street as part of safety legislation for Noble Elementary School, convincing RTA to install a [bus] shelter at Noble Road and Monticello Boulevard, and working on sidewalk legislation.

In August, Larson released a survey to all residents of asking for input about their experiences living in Cleveland Heights. This survey is still available on her campaign website ( Larson has responded to the survey data and is using the survey information to better identify the needs and concerns that can assist in her leadership and policy decisions.

The issue of longtime vacant and blighted properties has been cited as an area of concern for all neighborhood citizens of Cleveland Heights and continues to be raised as a priority concern of residents. Gail served on the Greater Cleveland Congregation sub-committee on housing, 2013 to 2019. The data from this work continues to [inform] current redevelopment legislation. This longtime commitment to healthy housing stock and to fair housing for all will continue to be a priority because Gail understands the direct relationship between housing, economic development and thriving communities, especially in the Coventry, Taylor, and Noble areas.

For anyone tuning in to council meetings, the evidence is further clear that Gail is a quiet and respectful leader who remains an independent thinker. She will weigh the best interest of all parties and will not hesitate to disagree agreeably. In my opinion, this is not only a rare and welcoming reminder of democracy at work, but it also fosters getting things done. 

The evidence is clear that Gail Larson will continue to be hard-working, compassionate and collaborative. Re-elect Gail Larson, a quiet voice of leadership.

Susan Dunlap

S. Kay Dunlap is a 25-year resident of Cleveland Heights who is proud to live in the Noble neighborhood.

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Volume 16, Issue 11, Posted 2:04 PM, 10.19.2023