'Dew Diligence' podcast interviews CH City Council candidates

Josie Moore discusses her time on CH City Council with Adam Dew, host of the "Dew Diligence" podcast.

I've been hearing many Cleveland Heights residents say they are having a tough time deciding which City Council candidates to vote for this November. On the ballot are incumbents Janine Boyd, Melody Hart, and Gail Larson. They are joined by challengers Jim Petras, Jon Benedict, and Jeanne Gordon. Six people running for three seats. How this vote shakes out will have a dramatic effect on the mood and dynamics of CH City Council for at least the next two years.

So, I figure, why not fire up the old podcast machine? I started “Dew Diligence” two years ago to give voters another way to meet the mayoral candidates as we shifted to an elected mayor from of government in Cleveland Heights.

We've had some understandable and expected growing pains since then. This seems like the perfect time for a look back and a look ahead. The podcast series will give voters an opportunity to get to know the candidates in a more conversational setting.

Who better to kick things off than former council member Josie Moore? Moore resigned from CH City Council almost a year ago, citing the strain the job put on her mental health and her family. She understands the challenges of the job more than most, and is guest number one. 

You can find an audio version of the “Dew Diligence” podcast on iTunes and Spotify. A video version is available at DewMediaInc.com.

Adam Dew

Adam Dew is a proud member of the Heights High Class of '94. He owns Dew Media Inc., a video production company. He produced the All Are Welcome Cleveland Heights promotional video a few years ago, and does occassional video work for CH-UH schools.

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Volume 16, Issue 11, Posted 2:12 PM, 10.09.2023