What we love about Cleveland Heights (according to you)

A tree in the Cleveland Heights part of Lake View Cemetery last autumn.

There are at least three Facebook groups focused on Cleveland Heights, and of which I’m a member. In one of the groups, another member asked, “What do you love about Cleveland Heights?” And, answering her own question: “I'll start: I love my neighborhood. The people are great, the housing is interesting to look at, and I can walk for so many errands!”

Then, more than 75 other people commented. I’m simply going to present some of the comments, with all names omitted, to remind us of what we like about the city. (I know there are people who have some less-positive opinions about certain aspects, too—but that wasn’t the question.)

“Cleveland Heights is a wonderful mix of people and variety of housing. It’s interesting to walk around and see the bustle of Coventry, Cedar/Lee, but then also see the beautiful residential areas tucked between. We have lots of parks near us and it’s close to downtown. I love Cleveland Heights.”

“The diversity—social, economic, racial, cultural, you name it. And there’s great food close by, no matter where you are.”

“I love it so much! Beautiful homes and apartment buildings, sidewalks everywhere, cute business districts, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, TREES, religious/racial/economic diversity, parks and ‘lakes,’ libraries, access to University Circle . . . ”

“I love my nightly winter walks around the area, too. Also, Lake View [Cemetery] is right around the corner, if I want some solitude.”

“Family-focused services, like schools and libraries, are supported by the community and offer excellence to my kids.”

“Beautiful historic housing, 10 minutes to tons of cultural arts in University Circle, 10 minutes to Lake Erie, wide selection of restaurants and bars, gorgeous parks.”

“Walkable. Feels like it’s safe for Trans people like me.”

“I love that Cleveland Heights is truly an economically diverse community. Only 7% of American cities are (NPR) and I feel so lucky to live in one.”

“This is the first place I’ve lived where it truly feels like a community. I feel like I’m part of something.”

“It’s so beautiful here, with all the big trees and historic homes. We’re so close to almost anything you want, whether you’re a city person or an outdoorsy person.”

“Grateful for the folks who fought for integration, in spite of the violent opposition, to allow me and my partner to live here w/o worry. My friend [first name]’s family was one of the first to move here and integrate Cleveland Heights.”

“I love that there’s always something new to try. We really have some unique businesses and great eateries within walking distance, and I always come across friendly people. The buildings/homes are also beautiful, so walks are never boring.”

“I love that I live in the ‘city,’ but my street is so quiet and still in the mornings that I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. There’s so much wildlife around my house and I love it.”

“I love the diversity, the history, the architecture, and the schools. The unique neighborhoods and their identities. I love our parks and public spaces.”

“All of the wonderful pollinator gardens popping up all over our city.”

“Love how kind, inclusive, and welcoming our neighbors are! That was one of the biggest asks we had when looking to buy a house.”

“The tree canopy on most streets, Forest Hill Park and Cumberland Pool. The architecture, the progressive people and environment, the proximity to cultural places like museums and botanical gardens, Coventry, the top-notch library system.”

“Our small businesses are as diverse as they are dynamic!”

“I love that I can bike and walk to cool businesses.”

“Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District and the teachers who love and teach our kids!”

“I love the charm of old houses! I love how walkable my neighborhood is. I love having a library, coffee shop, pharmacy, and great restaurants right at the end of my street. I love that my community embraces and celebrates our LGBTQ neighbors. I love that there are so many beautiful gardens and that they are all so different. And I love that there are so many dogs.”

“Three miles from world class healthcare!!! We are all going to need it, one way or another!!”

“My neighbors are amazing people. We all care about each other and spend time together. Very grateful.”

“I love the command my kiddos have in their city! So much they can walk to! Parks! Music lessons, school, friends, pool.”

“I love walking the neighborhoods year-round to see the rotating flowers and landscape! And the variety of architectural styles of old homes. So much good food nearby! I love my 100-year-old house!”

“The cultural and socioeconomic diversity and knowing my LGTBQ+ friends are safe & relatively comfortable here in our little progressive bubble.”

David Budin

David Budin is a freelance writer for national and local publications, the former editor of Cleveland Magazine and Northern Ohio Live, an author, and a professional musician and comedian. His writing focuses on the arts and, especially, pop-music history.

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Volume 16, Issue 10, Posted 10:00 AM, 09.29.2023