LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS/Cleveland Heights University Heights Library Board of Trustees meeting highlights

JULY 17, 2023

  • Technology presentation
  • Noble library building 
  • Board actions
  • Director’s report
  • DEI plan 
  • 2022 strategic plan annual report
  • Public service report

Board members present were Patti Carlyle, Dana Fluellen, Secretary Annette Iwamoto, Melissa Soto-Schwartz, Tyler McTigue, and Vice President Vikas Turakhia. Max Gerbec was not present. The meeting lasted 90 minutes.

Technology presentation

Information Technology Manager Matt Hoffman presented data on public computer usage in each library branch for the first half of 2023. Waiting time for computer use is minimal because most computer areas do not reach enough use to start a waiting list. The suggestion was made to consider changing some 30-minute computers to 60-minute computers. 

Noble library building

Work during July consisted of construction of a reinforcing retaining wall, demolition of lower level under slab and teen addition, excavation of site, and foundation work. First Energy needs to schedule installation. Steam pipe installation is ahead of schedule.

Board actions

The board:

  • Approved a contract with Regency Construction Services, Inc. as the construction manager at risk for the PEACE playground renovations. 
  • Tabled the vote on changes to the service and administration policy until the next board meeting.
  • Approved an after-the-fact purchase order and payment to the City of Cleveland Heights for the Noble Neighborhood Library branch project building permit.

Director’s report

University Heights Branch is now fully open.

Crosswalk safety remains a priority. Pylons have been placed on Lee Road in front of the library and have slowed the traffic. It Is hoped that they not get knocked over by cars and snowplows. Continued monitoring will evaluate speed and driver attention to the crosswalk. 

Coventry PEACE Building is 30 percent occupied. The management company is showing the space to prospective occupants. Improvements to the building continue. Persons seeking single use of the building space will need to be sponsored by an occupant who will monitor use, clean-up, etc.

The Theater Pavilion to be placed in Peace Park has been approved by the donor. A structural review of Peace Park was completed. Repairs and improvements based on this review are in process of completion. Fundraising efforts continue, including submission of a grant to fund wayfinding signage. The last public meeting to seek input on Peace Park plans will be August 10.

The governor has signed the 2024-2025 state budget. The Public Library Fund is now set at 1.7 percent of the state’s General Revenue Fund. It is expected that the new tax structure will lower funding received by libraries.


The DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) plan continues to progress. The parts of the plan include (1) developing inclusive services and programs, (2) recruiting and retaining diverse staff, (3) fostering a healthy environment that supports positive professional relationships, and (4) integrating DEI as an ongoing focus in all areas of the organization.

The 2022 strategic plan annual report

Presented by Deputy Director Kim DeNero-Ackroyd, the plan includes four components: (1) foster diversity, equity and inclusion, (2) seek opportunities to promote an environment of safety and security for the community, (3) be proactive in facilitating communication and be a bridge builder for community concerns and (4) be a bedrock for community workforce development.

Public service

Participation in the Summer Reading Program is quite good.

Three well attended STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) programs were provided.

Youth staff celebrated Juneteenth at Noble’s Fun Friday event and at the celebration at Oxford School.

University Heights Youth Services staff have provided 16 programs at Walter Stinson Park for a total attendance of 451.

LWV Observers: Judith Beeler and Elizabeth Tracy.

Information about the board, board meeting minutes and audio recordings of board meetings can be found at https://heightslibrary.org/locations/heights-libraries-board/.

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