Longtime resident sees improvements in CH

To the Editor:

As a citizen of Cleveland Heights for 35 years, I would like to mention some cool things Sue (my wife) and I noticed as we walked, rolled, and biked around the Heights.

People are moving into the new apartments at the Top of the Hill. We see signs of life, like plants out on the balconies. Next door, Nighttown is looking good; the deep blue wall colors are quite attractive.

It's great to see Coventry Road getting resurfaced, and it will be so much smoother for bicycles when it's finished. The “bike the city” people rode past our house recently; it sounded like they were having fun.

The new trash containers are great. The streets around here are much cleaner on trash day. We’re glad to see that Horseshoe Dam is going to be dismantled. We look forward to the area reverting to a more natural state.

The new stone entryway at Mitchell’s candy store is really gorgeous and perfectly level for wheelchair users. Dave’s Market is spiffing up the building on Lee Road—new chill cabinets, and what fun to name the aisles after Cleveland Heights streets!

And what do you know? We have a mental health hospital right here in the city.

These all might seem like minor improvements to life in the Heights, but to us, every little thing counts. 

Jerry Hannibal

Jerry Hannibal
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 16, Issue 9, Posted 11:58 AM, 09.02.2023