Authorities are deaf to motorcycle noise

To the Editor:

This summer, Cleveland Heights has seemed to let the scofflaws rule. Motorcycle noise, day and even late at night, has disturbed the peace usually enjoyed by taxpaying homeowners.

Major roadways, such as Lee, Taylor, Cedar, Mayfield and Monticello, have become favorite speedways as motorcycles fly by, over speed limits, often with music blaring in addition to their no-muffler vehicles.
Cleveland Heights DOES have a noise ordinance (509.03), but authorities seem deaf to it. At one time, Cleveland Heights residents lived in fear of being ticketed for an unruly muffler. Why is this noise being tolerated now?
It would be great if motorcycle owners would be considerate while riding within the city, saving their high gear for the countryside, but more than likely, the riders are not local taxpayers and don't care. Our authorities should care.

Jan Milic

Jan Milic
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 16, Issue 9, Posted 12:02 PM, 09.02.2023