FutureHomes announces partner in Noble home renovation

The home at 901 Englewood Road will be completely renovated and then offered for sale.

FutureHomes has entered into a partnership with Yosemite Construction and Management to renovate the home at 901 Englewood Road.

FutureHeights established its FutureHomes program in 2009 to promote fair housing practices and increase owner-occupancy rates. Since its inception, and with the generous support of the city of Cleveland Heights, the program has been able to renovate more than 20 vacant homes in the city and make them available to owner-occupants.

The property on Englewood Road has been vacant for an unknown number of years (some neighbors say as long as 18!) After reviewing several proposals to renovate the home, FutureHeights opted to partner with local contractor Yosemite.

The property will undergo a complete renovation, from the roof down. This three-bedroom home with an attached garage will be outfitted with all-new mechanical systems, a new roof, and a new kitchen and bathrooms. Once complete, it will be available for sale to an owner who will be required to occupy the home.

As part of updating and relaunching its FutureHomes and Revitalization Program, FutureHeights will be identifying areas of opportunity that support both existing efforts and new activities, where the nonprofit can work to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for the community.

If you are interested in getting involved with FutureHomes, or interested in purchasing the home at 901 Englewood at the end of the renovation process, send an e-mail to hschickler@futureheights.org or call 216-320-1423, ext. 104.

Hilary Schickler

Hilary Schickler is the FutureHomes and Revitalization director for FutureHeights Inc.

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Volume 16, Issue 9, Posted 9:39 PM, 08.28.2023