Vote yes on Issue 1

The U.S. Constitution has only been amended 27 times over its lifetime. The Ohio Constitution has been amended 172 times! Ohio is among nine states with the weakest standards for passing constitutional amendments.

This dizzying amount of change costs the state money, presents numerous legal challenges, and weakens the bedrock of the entire Ohio Constitution. Law should be contained in the Ohio Revised Code and not the Constitution. 

Constitutions should not be amended easily. We have the legislative branch to pass appropriate laws. The constitution is the guard rail to keep legislation within the bounds set by the constitution.  

Vote YES on Issue 1 on Aug. 8.

Bonnie Dolezal

Bonnie Dolezal is a lifelong resident of Cleveland Heights. She has been active in community issues for more than 40 years.

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Volume 16, Issue 8, Posted 3:01 PM, 08.01.2023