Vote yes for the constitutional amendment on Aug. 8

A constitution is the framework on which all other laws are based, and it forms the basis for our laws. Changes to it ought to be made with due diligence, weighing the issue carefully and with solemnity. Is it hard to change the constitution? Yes, and it should be.

A constitutional clause is not an individual, specific law on one issue. It addresses what laws can be included in our system. As Issue 1 states, the purpose of the amendment is to elevate the standards by which future amendments will be made. "Short-term passions and passing political trends would be less likely to impact the most sacred legal document in the state of Ohio." ( We need not amend the constitution in order to introduce a bill.

If you think a law ought to be changed, call your legislators, write to them, e-mail them to let your views be known, and, if they do not act in ways that satisfy you, turn to the ballot box and elect a replacement.

Currently, our state constitution allows a change if only half of the population plus one decides it wants a change. That is a nearly even split!

Leaving the constitution as is allows limited groups (read: special interests) to get what they want, which may well not be what most of us want. Yet, just passing the proposal for an amendment requires 60% of the vote, as does a veto override ( That number is much closer to a consensus than a simple majority, which is why we need this amendment.

Be aware of what the bill's opponents [may] want to legalize—the [potential] undermining of parental authority in determining a child's choices, and the ability of others, whose values may clash with yours, to effect actions involving your children without your knowledge or consent. It also [could potentially] involve legalizing induced abortions up to and including birth.

Vote "Yes."

Chaya Tabak

Chaya Tabak is teacher of all ages, mainly in the sciences, who has worked both in parochial schools and in public schools. Her three daughters are now grown and raising families of their own. Besides teaching, she cooks and bakes, gardens, and crochets.

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Volume 16, Issue 8, Posted 3:01 PM, 08.01.2023