CH needs housing for the elderly

The Ascent? Check.

Taylor Tudors? Check.

Marquee at Cedar Lee? Check.

Eventually, Wellington Mews & Park Synogogue? Check. 

Is Cleveland Heights doing everything it can to remain relevant for the next 6-8 decades? Check.

EXCEPT... Housing for the elderly? No Check.

No luxury, granite countertops nor any other high-end ammenities needed.

Nor, no section 8 or federal subsidies needed.

Just old-fashioned, quaint apartments for the over-65 crowd on fixed, but stable, middle-class incomes. 

As Severance Center is solved over the next 10 years it would be the PERFECT location to keep seniors, a barometer of a community's safety and stability, within Cleveland Heights's city limits.  

Cleveland Heights born and bred here, and I want to stay through my retirement. 

As the dust eventually settles, the "T's" are crossed, and the "I's" are dotted at Severance please be inclusive of ALL residents, including the elderly who want to stay here, people like myself. 

Jeremy Gutow

Jeremy Gutow is a lifelong Cleveland Heights resident. 

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Volume 16, Issue 8, Posted 3:00 PM, 08.01.2023