Larson thanks CH residents for input, ideas

I recently released a survey asking for input from Cleveland Heights residents about your experiences living in our city, what you see as our strengths and challenges, and what you want for our shared future. I am grateful to have received so many responses—thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

I am proud that people from all across Cleveland Heights put their trust in me to share their feedback in this survey. As many people agreed, one of our city’s greatest strengths is our diversity. I want to be sure I know what residents in every neighborhood want and need from our city government as we move forward.

As I’ve been thoughtfully reading through the survey responses, I’ve been thinking a lot about diversity. It’s more than race, religion, gender, or sexual identity. It’s also about how these parts of ourselves impact our experiences, influence the choices we make, and shape how we see our community. Each response on the survey is unique and valuable, and I appreciate the spectrum of perspectives that make up our great city. It is our diversity of viewpoints that truly makes us strong and resilient. Independent thinking and respectful disagreement is not only OK; it is necessary for our democracy.

I bring these values of inclusion, responsiveness, and diversity to my role on city council. I value residents’ input, whether it be through e-mail, comments at council meetings, citizen committees, or even while I’m out and about in Cleveland Heights. I believe that leadership requires listening, and it is the role of a democratic government to empower citizen voices, bring them forward, and facilitate what we learn into a coherent and actionable vision for our city.

This is also why I am committed to responding to every communication from residents. I want you to know that your voice is heard, and I will do whatever I can to address your concerns and answer your questions.

If you did not get a chance to fill out the survey, it will remain open on my campaign website,, on the “Your Feedback” page. Again, thank you to everyone who put your trust in me and shared your input and ideas for Cleveland Heights!

Gail Larson

Gail Larson is currently a member of the Cleveland Heights City Council, and lives on Montevista Road in the Noble Elementary School neighborhood. She is a candidate for CH City Council in this November's general election.

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Volume 16, Issue 8, Posted 1:42 PM, 07.31.2023