CH council must learn the art of compromise

To the Editor:

The May 1 Cleveland Heights City Council meeting has not only confirmed the sad state of our current city government, but also that being an elected official in this town is the last retirement job I would pursue.

The circus, as the council president described the meeting, was interrupted with hammering gavels, endless snide remarks, and verbal personal attacks. As if that wasn't enough, the council president even physically attempted to turn off the microphone of another council member.

This was not a circus. It was a display of mature individuals acting like immature children. For the sake of our city, this conduct cannot continue.

The council was unable to fill one vacant council seat, can't seem to agree on procedural issues, and any hope of agreeing on six Charter Review Commission candidates seems doomed. Nor is the mayor's micromanagement approach to his office advancing progress.

While I am not privy to insider information, as a citizen I want our elected officials not only to start acting like mature adults, but to learn the fine art of compromise. Without compromise there is no forward progress, only deadlock.

The conduct at this meeting left me wondering how our elected officials accomplish anything.


Steven Rowsey

Steven Rowsey
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 16, Issue 6, Posted 9:17 AM, 06.01.2023