Cleveland Heights city administrator resigns

In a March 20 news release, the city of Cleveland Heights announced that its first city administrator, Joseph Sinnott, had resigned, effective March 31.

The city administrator position was mandated by the 2019 city charter amendment, in which the city's government changed to an elected mayor/council form.

Mayor Kahlil Seren's appointment of Sinnott was confirmed by city council one year ago, on March 21, 2022. Seren selected Sinnott, a former mayor of Erie, Pa., from an applicant field of more than 50.

The news release reads, in part:

"Sinnott thanked Mayor Seren and City Council for his appointment and praised the city’s progress during the last year. 'As a former Mayor, I believe Mayor Seren is leading Cleveland Heights in the right direction and making the most of its new government. Working in Cleveland Heights has been a great experience—my only regret is that I won’t be here to see the results of the groundwork we’ve laid over the last year.'

"Sinnott told City Council that he had not intended to leave this early in his tenure and had not been looking for another job. 'An opportunity in government back in Pennsylvania was too compelling to pass up,' Sinnott said.

"Mayor Seren praised Sinnott’s work as City Manager. 'Joe was the right person at the right time, and it’s a shame to lose such a great partner,' Seren said. 'Joe’s understanding of government and attention to detail have been critical to restructuring the city’s functions and retooling its systems. Joe Sinnott will be a hard act to follow, but his work this year has set the stage well for our next City Administrator’s success.'"

The full news release can be viewed on the home page, under News & Announcements.

Kim Sergio Inglis

Kim Sergio Inglis is editor-in-chief of the Heights Observer, and is a former, longtime Cuyahoga County master gardener volunteer who is all about native plants these days.

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