Thank you Zagara's

To the Editor:

It was good to read Dean Seick’s description and praise of Zagara’s Marketplace [Heights Observer, December 2022]. I have a similar account.

Several years ago, I asked John Zagara if he would consider filling some of the “bare walls” in his marketplace with original art created by my art students. I stated that I taught art to senior citizens at Tri-C and the Cleveland Heights Pavillion. I must have conveyed appropriate enthusiasm for this beautiful art, because John Zagara accepted!  He told me, because of insurance requirements, he and his staff would hang the art.   

Soon, the Zagara Marketplace aisles and shelves displayed glorious, colorful art created by more than 20 artists—more than 100 pieces altogether.  When we first walked through Zagara’s Marketplace to see the art, my seniors were astonished. Their creations were finally getting great exposure! (I am sure they never saw their art beyond their personal environments.)

To add to this great tribute, the Sun newspapers took photographs and published a full-color, half-page article describing the exhibition.   

Before the grand [exhibition] was over, we had a party for the artists and their families. Floral centerpieces, food and punch were actually provided by John Zagara!  

A close friend who came to the party remarked about the laughter and noisy conversation, and commented, “All that noise without a drop of alcohol!”

John Zagara brought joy! Often!

Kate Uhlir

Kate Uhlir
University Heights

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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 10:34 AM, 01.02.2023