Cleveland Heights University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees meeting highlights 8-1-22

AUGUST 1, 2022


  • Public comments
  • Operations committee


Present were Gabe Crenshaw, Dana Fluellen, Annette Iwamoto, and Tyler McTigue. Patti Carlyle, Max Gerboc , and Vikas Turakhia were not present.  

Public Comments

Krista Hawthorne, board president, Coventry Peace, Inc., came forward for public comment and provided 501c3 verification, which she said could be used for the library to issue a check for utility overage. Ms. Hawthorne stated that they have received letters of intent, which were under review, and that mediation has not yet been scheduled.

Additional comments were made from a member of the public regarding the Coventry Peace Campus. These comments included statements about the benefit of nonprofit involvement in development of the Coventry Peace Campus. Comments included references to the practice in place with the West Side Market in the City of Cleveland.

Operations committee

The board reviewed recommendations from the Operations Committee and approved repairs needed for the HVAC M3 and M4 AC units, totaling $47,380, and two electrically powered sliding doors for the Lee Road walkway with fire safety breakaway components, totaling $26,254, from the Building and Repair Fund. Additionally, the board approved the Public Library Fund allocation of about 4.8 percent to the Cleveland Heights University Heights Library.  

The next meeting of the Cleveland Heights University Heights Library Board will be Sept. 19, 2022, 6:30 p.m., at the Lee Road Library.

LWV Observer: Khaliah Fisher-Grace.

Information about the board, board meeting minutes and audio recordings of board meetings can be found at

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