Cleveland Heights – University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees meeting highlights 09-19-22

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022


  • Public comments
  • Board resolutions
  • Director’s report
  • Public service report highlights


Present were President Gabe Crenshaw, Patti Carlyle, Dana Fluellen, Annette Iwamoto, Tyler McTigue, and Vikas Turakhia. Vice President Max Gerboc was not present. 

Public comments

Bostwick Design Architects gave a presentation to the board about updated plans for the Noble Road Branch Library renovation and addition. Floor plans, interior planning, exterior design, and landscaping were discussed.

The Hodge Group gave a presentation via Zoom, updating the board on progress made to date in setting up a donor base, preparing documents for donor meetings, and training volunteers for donor meetings.

There was a comment relating to the tenants of the Coventry Peace Campus (CPC).

Board resolutions

The board approved a construction manager at risk for the renovations and additions to the Noble Road Branch Library.

The board approved a second phase of work with the Hodge Group to facilitate donor visits, help prepare grant applications, and coordinate fundraising teams and campaign management.

The board authorized the construction of a new door for the food pantry and deliveries. This will replace the book lockers on the south side of the of the Lee Road branch, which were little used.

The board approved repairs needed due flooding in the University Heights branch. Expenditures will be reported to the insurance company and the board.

Director’s report

Library Director Nancy Levin gave an update to the board on the current relationship with Coventry Pease Campus (CPC). Lease agreements have been sent to all tenants. So far, no tenant has indicated they intend to move out of the Washington property building. There still remain a number of unresolved issues between the library and CPC, mainly around outstanding bills and repairs. Broken glass in a window needs repair and lights in the gym are needed. Ms. Levin stated these repairs are the tenants' responsibilities and that CPC has not responded to requests for repairs. CPC is still reviewing documents provided by the library. Negotiations have not begun. Ms. Levin hoped to be able to resolve these issues and for the tenants to remain in the building.

Open houses, homecoming at the library, takes place Oct. 16. 

Ms. Levin reiterated the policy regarding services that do not discriminate against people in poverty, who have chosen to be unhoused or who have very real challenges in their lives forcing them to be unhoused. There is no rule against sleeping in the library as long as the person remains upright in a chair and doesn’t cause a disturbance. In the past month, the library received a number of complaints from customers challenging the rules. Libraries are bound by U.S. law to provide services to people experiencing homelessness. A further refinement of policies will be discussed at the October committee meeting.

Public service report highlights

1,869 adults participated in the summer reading program. Youth services ended summer reading 2022 with a total of 1,470 registrants.

Circulation continued to increase over the summer, nearing pre-pandemic levels.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, Oct. 17, 6:30 p.m. at the Noble Road Library.

LWV Observer: Elizabeth M. Tracy. 

Information about the board, board meeting minutes and audio recordings of board meetings can be found at

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