RoxArts is now Mobius; launch party set for Oct. 1

RoxArts, the nonprofit organization that began more than 40 years ago at Roxboro Elementary School as REAP, has announced a new name and brand: Mobius. Its new tagline: Arts + Science for all.

Mobius raises funds and provides educational programs in performing and visual arts and in sciences for all elementary and middle school students in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District.

To celebrate the new energy, new school year, and new name, the organization will host its Mobius Launch Party on Saturday, Oct. 1, 7–10 p.m., at Coventry PEACE Campus.

The new name comes from the Möbius strip, a continuous, single-sided surface with no boundaries. It can symbolize the intertwining of arts and science. 

"We believe it’s the perfect representation of our mission to eliminate boundaries and inspire possibilities for all of the school district's students, from kindergarten through eighth grade," said Mobius Board President Claudia Zalevsky.  

"We've been working on the new name and brand for several months, and believe the announcement at the beginning of the 2022–23 school year is the perfect time," Zalevsky added. "Though we’re proud of our journey, we felt the need to change our name to signal to the entire school district that we’re here to serve all elementary and middle school students. We believe the name change reflects the community’s desire and our commitment for a more unified, inclusive approach to equitable access to the funds raised."

Mobius's programs—including artist residencies, art activities, science enrichment, field trips, and capital improvements—engage students in creative and critical thinking that extends and enriches classroom curriculum. 

The community is invited to attend the Oct. 1 adults-only event, taking place on the Coventry PEACE Campus, at 2843 Washington Blvd. (inside the former Coventry school). It will feature a neon dance party, art exhibit, music, networking, drinks, and some fun surprises in the former Ensemble Theatre black box theater space. Tickets are available at for a $10 suggested donation.

Mobius relies on the participation of parents, caregivers, teachers, school administrators, business owners, and the broader community for support and participation. Volunteers from all of the CH-UH elementary and middle schools are welcome and encouraged to get involved. With the community's generous support, Mobius will continue to provide arts and science experiences for students well into the future. For more information, or to volunteer, e-mail 

Andrea C. Turner

Andrea C. Turner is a board member of Mobius, and the principal of ACT One Communications, LLC, a marketing communications consulting firm based in Cleveland Heights. 

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