Cleveland Heights University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees meeting highlights 7-18-2022

JULY 18, 2022


  • Public comments
  • Board resolutions
  • Director’s report
  • Personnel report 
  • Public service report highlights


Present were President Gabe Crenshaw, Patti Carlyle, Dana Fluellen, Annette Iwamoto, Tyler McTigue, and Vikas Turakhia. Vice President Max Gerboc was not present. 

Public comments

Kevin Nichols, library security manager, reported that in the first six months of this year, there were 57 security incidents, 50 percent lower than pre-pandemic.

Bostwick Design gave a presentation to the board about plans for the Noble Branch renovation and addition.

Krista Hawthorne, Coventry Peace, Inc. board president, shared questions and concerns about the leasing process at the Washington Blvd. building.

Board resolutions

The board approved advertising for a construction manager at risk for the renovations and additions of the Noble Road branch.

The board created a new position: assistant facilities manager.

A new 2023-2025 strategic plan was approved, with the following focus areas:

• Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion 

• Ensure an environment of safety, security, and well-being for community members 

• Champion community workforce and tech skill development 

• Promote unbiased sources of information and combat censorship and disinformation

The service and administrative policy was amended for 2022.

Director’s report

Director Nancy Levin responded to the questions and concerns raised by Krista Hawthorne, noting that Cresco Property Management and Leasing was delayed in issuing new leases, and mediation with tenants over disputed bills is being planned.

October 16 open houses, homecoming at the library, are being planned. 

The library will be closed Sept. 23 for staff development.

Joining Joint Boards Committees [formed as a collaboration of both city councils, the board of education and the library board] are Annette Iwamoto, Max Gerboc and Nancy Levin for Workforce Development; Patti Carlisle and Vikas Turakhia for Food Insecurity; Dana Fluellen and Gabe Crenshaw for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Tyler McTigue for Shared Resources. The next joint meeting is Oct 26.

Personnel report

Heights Libraries have several opportunities to introduce students to public library work through summer internships: Teen Tech Ambassador Summer Internship (supported by Friends of Heights Libraries), Library Experience Program, and Youth Opportunity Unlimited. This summer the library hosted seven interns, five of which were high school students. These internships provide an opportunity to experience library service work as a possible career option and to expose diverse teens and young adults to library work. 

Public service report highlights

Adult summer reading has 626 entries. Over 700 children and teens are registered in the summer reading program.

Coventry Branch Youth Librarian Louise Lybrook and Youth Associate Angela Higgins provided family engagement activities for the Juneteenth Celebration. Community members created a collaborative quilt project on the theme, “What does Juneteenth mean to you?” The quilt is on display in The Shire children’s room.

LWV Observer: Elizabeth M. Tracy. 

Information about the board, board meeting minutes and audio recordings of board meetings can be found at

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