Volunteer through Reaching Heights to support public schools

Barb Wherley practices letter names and sounds with a kindergartner at Boulevard Elementary School. [photo courtesy Reaching Heights]

Reaching Heights has three volunteer programs that encourage community members to volunteer in the Heights public schools. Each program is unique and offers different ways to support district students.

One and Done is a single-event volunteer program in which community volunteers help with book fairs, literacy nights, food distribution events, gardening, and more. These are “one and done” commitments, with no pressure to take on future volunteer work.

Role Models speakers share their personal stories of professional success with the district's fifth-grade students. This inspires CH-UH students, and helps them envision their full potential. Role Models programs engage and energize CH-UH students by providing positive examples of the successful community members who share their pathways to success.

Many Villages Tutoring Program supports the academic progress of students through a structured and targeted tutoring program. Many Villages volunteers provide one-on-one support in CH-UH elementary schools, and receive the training, orientation, ongoing feedback, and heartfelt appreciation necessary [to make it] a great experience for all involved. Many Villages tutors must pass a background check and commit to weekly sessions throughout the school year.

Reaching Heights is a citizen voice for public education and a resource for the students and educators of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights public schools. Reaching Heights exists because CH-UH students deserve the best education possible, the success of Heights public schools is everybody's business, and successful schools are a critical part of successful communities.

Reaching Heights invites everyone in the community to show up and share their expertise, experience and energy.

To volunteer, call 216-932-5110, or visit www.reachingheights.org/volunteer.

Krista Hawthorne

Mazie Adams is a Reaching Heights board member.

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Volume 15, Issue 9, Posted 3:30 PM, 09.01.2022