Cleveland Heights University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees meeting highlights 6-21-22

JUNE 21, 2022


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Present were President Gabe Crenshaw, Patti Carlyle, and Dana Fluellen. Annette Iwamoto, Tyler McTigue, and Vikas Turakhia and Vice President Max Gerboc were not present. Since there was no quorum, no board action could be taken.

Public comments

Continuing education manager Heather Howiler gave a presentation on how the computer labs at the HKIC are becoming innovation labs. Howiler showed examples of patrons’ products created with 3-D printers. 

Coventry PEACE Campus (CPC) board president Krista Hawthorne made several requests of the board: a request for copies of bills for the 2020-2021 term, a public records request for a copy of the Allegro report, and a request for the total income and expenses for the Coventry PEACE building since the library acquired the building. A CPC tenant artist asked the board about how common space in the PEACE building will be handled.

Directors report

Because there was no quorum, the board could not vote, as planned, on the letter of intent (LOI) form which lists the terms and conditions for individual lease negotiations with the tenants at the building at 2843 Washington Blvd. (Coventry PEACE Campus). Director Nancy Levin stated that some wording in the LOI had been changed based on feedback from tenants. The option to renew portion is now clearly stated, including a three percent annual increase. Levin stated tenants would have first choice on use of common space and there would be a fee schedule for using common spaces for events. Levin stated that in May and June, many hours were spent on continuing correspondence between CPC and the library. Attorneys are working on terms for both parties to enter negotiations. Levin shared that $84,603.68 has been spent on repairs including the HVAC repairs, and that an additional amount of $47,358.79 was pending action. Director Levin took notes on the other questions posed at this meeting and stated answers would be provided.

Levin updated the board on repairs and computer upgrades made at several of the branch libraries.

A new partnership is developing with the Farrell Foundation which would provide for enrichment classes along with the Dementia Friendly Community Initiative.

Levin reported that HB 327, the “divisive concepts” bill, did not move forward in the legislative process. It is still important to keep in touch with representatives, because when the lame duck session returns in the fall, anything could still be on the table, including HB 327.

Personnel report

The library is recommending an across-the-board, two-percent increase in staff salaries. A special meeting will be held in early July to vote on this. 

Public service report highlights

Kim DeNero-Ackroyd reported on the summer reading themed activities that have been held. The number of visitors to the libraries have not returned to pre-pandemic levels; however, circulation remains high.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, July 18, 2022, 6:30 p.m. at the Lee Road library.

LWV Observer, Elizabeth M. Tracy. 

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