Recyclables and non-recyclables in CH

The city of Cleveland Heights distributed blue recycling bins and green refuse bins in April.

The following is a list of items that are, and are not, recyclable in Cleveland Heights. To search additional items, visit


Plastic bottles and jugs
Aluminum cans
Steel/tin cans
Mixed office paper and junk mail
Glass bottles and jars 


Butter/margarine containers
Cottage cheese containers
Flowerpots and planters
Fruit and pudding cups
Plastic coffee pods
Prescription medication bottles
Produce containers
Whipped topping containers
Yogurt cups and tubs

Non-Recyclable Plastic, Vinyl, and Rubber

Durable plastic
Outside plastic furniture
Plastic bags (Some grocery stores accept these for recycling.)
Plastic buckets
Plastic cups
Plastic cutlery
Plastic hangers
Plastic plates
Plastic toys
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes
Rigid vinyl
Spray nozzles and pumps
Vinyl siding

Non-Recyclable Paper

Carbon paper
Facial tissues
Paper towels
Plastic laminated paper
Sanitary products
Stickers/laminated paper
Thermal fax/receipt paper
Wax paper

Non-Recyclable Packaging

Cat litter containers
Cereal box liners
Compact disc jackets
Empty motor oil and antifreeze jugs
Pet food bags
Pizza boxes
Plastic six-pack rings
Plastic packaging
Takeout containers

Non-Recyclable Glass

Drinking glasses
Light bulbs
Window glass

Non-Recyclable Metal

Batteries and electronics
E-waste/technology trash (Take e-waste to the Cleveland Heights Transfer Station, 2593 Mayfield Road.)
Metal cookware
Metal hangers
Scrap metal

Other Non-Recyclable Materials

Clothes (Place clothes in your refuse cart that cannot be donated.)
Food and liquids
Yard waste (Dispose of yard waste in kraft paper bags or in tied bundles.)

Collette Clinkscale and Mike Thomas

Collette Clinkscale is the Director of Public Works and Mike Thomas is the Director of Communications and Public Engagement for the City of Cleveland Heights.

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