Book provides counterpoint to '1619'

To the Editor:

A March 2022 Heights Observer opinion by Cynthia Lehman (“Telling the truth to our children”) stated: “Every day, our children enter classrooms where we should be committed to ensure they are learning the full truth of history.”

If that is the case, our children deserve to know Nikole Hannah-Jones did not tell the full truth when she wrote “The 1619 Project.”

Instead of searching online resources to investigate claims of veracity, I recommend just one: Peter Wood’s 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project.

Multiple copies [are] conveniently located in the Heights Libraries online catalog (, including an e-book version. While Wood’s title may not have received as much publicity, kudos to the library for obtaining it. Students (and all readers) should be free to compare, contemplate and debate all perspectives, especially on controversial topics.

Jacey Kepich

Jacey Kepich
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 15, Issue 5, Posted 11:13 AM, 04.29.2022