Support equitable spending, vote 'no' on Issue 9

To the Editor:

Proponents of Issue 9 want the city to spend millions, that’s millions, constructing a new 1-acre public space at Lee Road and Meadowbrook Boulevard, even as a developer has agreed to pay for and build a one-third-acre public space in conjunction with plans for new housing and retail.

As a matter of fairness and equity, shouldn’t the city spend money on neighborhoods that are currently struggling to attract new investment, like the Noble and Taylor road neighborhoods? Doesn’t it make more sense for the city to focus efforts and resources making overdue improvements, and offering incentives in underserved neighborhoods to catalyze private investments, like the private investment currently occurring in Cedar Lee and Cedar Fairmount?  

If Issue 9 park advocates are truly interested in better parks for our community, then how about advocating for city funds, and working with the city, to improve conditions at Barbara Boyd (Caledonia) Park, or Denison Park, so residents in these neighborhoods can enjoy quality green/recreational spaces?

Let’s practice environmental justice, lets commit to spending our scarce city funds in a fair-minded and strategic manner, and let’s support the public/private development at Lee and Meadowbrook that already includes a one-third-acre public space/park and 2 acres of greenspace in total. Vote No on Issue 9 for the betterment of all Cleveland Heights neighborhoods.

Micah Kirman

Micah Kirman
Cleveland Heights
[Kirman is a former FutureHeights board member and past chair of its Planning and Development Committee.]

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Volume 15, Issue 4, Posted 2:05 PM, 04.01.2022