Issue 9 is more anti-development than pro-park

To the Editor:

Don’t be fooled that Issue 9 is about creating a park. It’s about stopping progress in Cleveland Heights by killing new housing, retail, and vibrancy for Cedar Lee. That’s why I’m voting “no on 9.”

Consider two facts:

1. A top Issue 9 proponent posted this reply on NextDoor when I asked if they’d support development if the city had not provided economic incentives: “If the developers paid for their development, no subsidies, I would have no objection.” 

2. The city-approved proposal includes 2-plus acres of green space. Issue 9 is only 1.07 acres. 

If you want green space AND progress, vote “no on 9.” We’ve been looking at grass at Lee-Meadowbrook for a decade-plus. Vote “no” and it becomes part of a shining, nearly 5-acre project that also replaces dilapidated buildings on Cedar Road that thousands of commuters see every day. 

A ‘yes’ vote likely means more grass for more decades. The city has $0 for a park that proponents said could cost $2 million—money we could spend on more pressing needs if we had it. The developer is paying to create twice the green space and [provide] maintenance. 

Join the effort. Make a donation. Get a yard sign. Share why you’ll vote “no on 9” with others. Keep progress moving forward at Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook. Visit or @buildCLM on Facebook to get started.

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett
Cleveland Heights
[Bennett is a member of the Heights Observer Advisory Committee. The opinions expressed here are his alone.]

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Volume 15, Issue 4, Posted 2:08 PM, 04.01.2022