In support of Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook development project

To the Editor:

I strongly support the CH City Council-approved mixed-use development at Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook (the CLM project). This project is the single most promising initiative I've seen in my 29 years as a Cleveland Heights resident. I strongly urge our city council to continue to pursue this development project with all due speed.

As the incoming president of the Heights Arts Board of Directors, and as a concerned citizen, I welcome the revitalization this project would bring to the entire CLM community of residents, service providers, and local businesses.

In addition, I find the current ballot initiative proposing that the entire vacant acreage be used for creation of a public space to be both short-sighted and legally irrelevant: Short-sighted, because the approved project already includes provision for inclusion of a public space; legally irrelevant, in light of the city law director's opinion that passage of this initiative ordinance would be rendered moot by existing constitutional provisions barring laws that result in "retroactive impairment of a contract."

The CLM development project will bring an invigorating mix of new residents and businesses to the proposed area, as well as a public space. Please continue to support and advance this crucial development project. It will bring benefits to Cleveland Heights and its residents for decades to come!

Bill Stigelman

Bill Stigelman
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 15, Issue 3, Posted 1:50 PM, 02.28.2022