Remember 'Just Say NO To Political Deals'?

Hard to believe, but things have gotten even nastier in just the two years since that negative ballot issue campaign, brought to us from the city council funded anti-elected mayor campaign and their $25,000 donor corporate lobbyist partners.

I was the one who discover the $25,000 lobbyist money via a public records request. Which actually became $30,000.

And with my help, they lost by nearly 2:1.

Let's all send that same message in 2021, and not support any candidates who rely on hate and misinformation.

I'm running for the unexpired city council term ending December 31, 2023. That's the seat Mary Dunbar resigned from. It was only after I notified the city that their "appointent" press release didn't follow the city's charter, that the seat was put on the ballot.

My actions prevented 34,000 Cleveand Heights residents from being disenfranchised by their own city government.

I have a 10 year track record of such efforts and accomplishments. Right here in this community.

You know exactly what you'll get if I'm elected.

Why not give me a chance?

Garry Kanter

A 1975 graduate of Heights High, Garry Kanter resides in Cleveland Heights. He is a candidate for the unexpired city council seat.

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Volume 14, Issue 11, Posted 10:20 AM, 10.26.2021