University Heights City Council Candidate Christopher Cooney

Age: 51 



Facebook: Christopher Cooney for University Heights City Council

Biographical Information:

Education: St. Ann School, Cleveland Hts.; St. Ignatius High School; Loyola University of Chicago, School of Business Administration

Current occupation: Consultant, Self Employed

Qualifications: Accomplished executive professional with 24+ years of managerial experience in manufacturing and distribution environments. Responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining automotive and aerospace quality management systems at four locations throughout the United States. Implemented continuous improvement activities to meet and exceed management requirements. Since starting my own business, I have worked with companies from 3 to 6000 employees to improve their quality systems and increase productivity. As Gesu School Boosters President (2020-2021), I used these skills to improve our interactions with other parish organizations for long-term benefits.

What do you consider to be an effective working relationship between the Mayor and the members of Council, and what do you consider to be an effective working relationship among members of Council?

An effective working relationship between the Mayor and members of Council would include healthy discussions about issues that will have a positive long-term impact on the city. The Mayor should provide the strategic direction of the city for Council and Council would oversee the implementation of the vision. The effective working relationship among members of Council would include reviewing information and data from other members in regards to their committee. This information should be presented to other members so that an informed decision can be reached.

What should be the priorities for the city’s budget?

The priorities of the city's budget should include a review of the performance and effectiveness of the previous budget so that future allocation of funds can be properly identified moving forward. We tend to make the most effective improvements with the lessons learned from past shortcomings. The priorities may include funds needed for city services and evolving resident needs.

What opportunities do you see for regional collaboration between University Heights and other local governments to provide services or facilities?

The opportunities for a regional collaboration between University Heights and other local governments to provide services and facilities are sharing data for areas to improve city services. The continuous improvements that could be identified include shared best practices for the benefit of the region. A regional collaboration would allow our local governments to spot trends and make adjustments in a real-time proactive manner rather than reacting to ongoing issues.

What, if any, specific actions would you recommend the city take to maintain the quality of its housing?

A recommended action the city could take to maintain the quality of its housing would be to ensure the residents of the city have a clear understanding that the city housing codes benefit everyone. The housing codes not only provide requirements for the safety of its residents, but also the plan to help improve the community at large.

What role should environmental considerations play in the city’s policies and actions?

Environmental considerations should be considered in the city's policies and actions as a way to improve its services. The technology and data are available from multiple sources for the Mayor and Council to review so that informed decisions can be made. The ability to reduce waste and improve the recycling capabilities for long-term environmental benefits that are cost effective are available.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 7:24 AM, 10.02.2021