Our school district needs Sourini, Lewis and Heintz

Boards of education across the country have faced some of the toughest decisions they have ever faced over the last two years. When we think about what board members are needed for the decisions of today, and for the years to come, we believe in Jodi Sourini, Malia Lewis and Dan Heintz to do the work on behalf of our students. We have valued their advocacy to obtain fair funding for our district, which is work that will need to continue beyond this election. 

We have been in the CH-UH school district since our son, currently a junior, entered kindergarten at Boulevard Elementary School. Our daughter, a fourth-grader, is currently at Boulevard, with her four cousins. 

In CH-UH, we are a community. We are advocates for our students and passionate about providing access to a high-quality education for ALL! That is also the mission for the Board of Education (BOE), so we must make thoughtful choices as voters when determining who is prepared to do this work. 

We reminisced about a candidate forum during Jodi, Malia and Dan’s first runs for BOE in 2018, and felt thankful that we had many strong voices who were passionate about making our schools successful in that BOE race.

At that time, there were four great candidates running for three seats. This race will be different in many ways than it was four years ago. The field is much larger, [and candidates have] widely differing views on public education. Our students deserve three candidates who will put their education first.

What we know is that Jodi, Malia and Dan have been doing this critical work over the last four years, and we look forward to voting for them so that they will continue to advocate for all students, and make policies that give them access to the education they deserve.

Kristen Bidinger

Kristen Bidinger and Kim Hodgkiss-Lilly are Cleveland Heights residents and district parents. Hodgkiss-Lilly is a Heights alum.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 10:56 AM, 10.01.2021