Lynn on why she is a candidate for BOE

I am seeking election for the CH-UH school board because I believe that our public schools and the students are essential for a strong, thriving and successful community.

As seen throughout the country, communities without strong public schools see the population decline, home values decrease, and poverty increase. No one wants to see this happen in CH-UH. I want to be a part of the school board to ensure that the schools are exceptional for children of all backgrounds and abilities. 

It is well known that the CH-UH school district is generously funded and has the highest tax rate in the entire state of Ohio. Many in the community have been asking the school board to [request] a state performance audit by Ohio’s state auditor.

The last time the CH-UH schools [had] a state audit was in 1999, and $6 million to $7 million in potential savings was identified. The audit is conducted to find the inefficiencies, overspending and fund mismanagement, so as to maximize in-classroom spending that is student centered.

As advocated by the current school board, the state has passed the Fair School Funding Plan. This will now require the state to directly fund all vouchers in the district. According to the treasurer’s forecast, this will yield $16.2 million in savings in 2022, and $17 million in 2023. The district has also received $17 million in COVID relief. Finally, the schools refinanced the school bond for an additional $18.5 million in savings. This is significant additional funding! It is imperative that the school board is transparent and fiscally responsible, and that the students and community benefit.

As a former executive, I was responsible for managing very large budgets. I cannot understand how this [district’s] administration has never been able to balance the five-year forecast, for 25 years. There are always significant deficits. My goal would be to completely balance this forecast, with no shortfalls, but surpluses. This would be done with the students in mind so that NONE of their education or activities would be diminished, but only enhanced. 

Strong schools need the support of a community that trusts the school board. Unfortunately, the overreaching administration and school board have undermined that support. I am asking this community to vote for “New Voices with a New Vision & Direction” for the betterment of the schools and CH-UH.

Maureen Lynn

Maureen 'Mo' Lynn, her husband and three children have lived in Cleveland Heights since 2011. She is a self-employed sales consultant and is running for CH-UH City School District Board of Education.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 11:21 AM, 10.01.2021