Electing Clopton-Zymler to BOE is a win for arts and diversity

To the Editor:

I have known Mario Clopton-Zymler for 10 years, as a fellow musician, a colleague in the Heights schools, and as a friend. His breadth of experience will serve all stakeholders in our school district—above all, our children.

CH-UH is, or ought to be, THE destination district for the arts. Having Mario on the CH-UH Board of Education can only strengthen that position. Why the arts? Its education teaches the whole child and is demonstrably linked to better outcomes in the traditionally academic subjects. It is a strength of our community that we are home to so many arts professionals, from poets to playwrights, painters, and musicians.

Clopton-Zymler is also the only Black candidate for school board in a district that is over 70% African American. Alone, this is not a qualification; combined with Clopton-Zymler’s manifest qualifications, it is vital representation. Clopton-Zymler is well poised to represent the cultural diversity and bounty that is the Heights.

Juliana Sadock Savino

Juliana Sadock Savino
University Heights

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 12:15 PM, 10.01.2021