Danforth thanks CH voters

Thank you, Cleveland Heights voters, for your heartwarming support in the recent mayoral primary election!

Over the last few months, I knocked on thousands of doors. I’ve heard your hopes, dreams and frustrations. And I am more committed than ever to work to address them. 

Clearly, we must improve the delivery of city services, without raising taxes. Ensuring that we all feel safe and secure in our homes and businesses is essential. And, building on our reputation for equity and inclusion must continue as a top priority.  

Public safety and attacking crime: Safe neighborhoods are the foundation of a thriving community. That requires well-equipped, highly trained safety forces. If I’m elected mayor, we will develop and implement an action plan, based upon best practices from around the country, to combat crime and address the root causes of that behavior. Our community deserves nothing less.

Expanding our tax base and smart economic development: We must attract new residents and businesses to expand our tax base. The Top of the Hill, Meadowbrook-Lee development, and a concentrated focus on Noble-Nela, Cedar-Warrensville and the Taylor Road area will help. However, creatively moving forward on Severance Town Center is likely our best hope for generating jobs, new residents and significant new tax dollars.

Equity and inclusion: Critical to attracting young people to our community is our reputation for these two issues. I broke many glass ceilings during my career, and I will implement policies to make opportunities available for all.

Our first mayor must be able to work collaboratively and collegially with council to formulate policies and approve responsible budgets. With a $66-million operation, more than 400 employees, and one of the largest police forces in the county, our next mayor must have the experience, maturity and emotional intelligence to achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of the city.  

Most important, our new mayor must make certain city hall is responsive to residents. She must make smart hiring decisions, the most important of which will be hiring the new city administrator and naming someone to replace soon-to-retire Police Chief Mecklenburg.  

Ultimately, the mayor will be accountable for all of the essential services we rely upon, services that must be handled in a timely and efficient manner.  

On Nov. 2, we will elect a new mayor (early voting starts Oct. 5). I hope to earn your support to be that mayor.

Barbara Danforth

Barbara Danforth is a 22-year resident of CH, living in the Forest Hill Historical District. A candidate for Cleveland Heights mayor, she is the former chief prosecutor, city of Cleveland; and former CEO of YWCA Greater Cleveland.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 12:01 PM, 10.01.2021