Cleveland Heights City Council Candidate Anthony Mattox Jr.

Age: 39


Facebook: Elect Anthony Mattox

Biographical information:

Education: Training & Development Certification, Cleveland State University

Qualifications: Senior Pastor

Qualifications: I have been Pastoring The Empowerment Church in East Cleveland for 17 years. We serve the surrounding area and assist thousands through outreach, education, evangelism and advocacy. Served the past six years on the Cleveland Heights Planning Commission. I spent 10 years working in the corporate office of this area’s largest bank, KeyBank: working and training in the areas of Municipal Finance, Loan Servicing, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Bank owned properties, repossessions, mortgages, Commercial Business, Six Sigma, Underwriting, Organizational Leadership and a host of other segments. I worked in multiple sites including Cleveland, Akron, Buffalo NY, Boise ID, as well as Colorado.

Do you think our business districts are healthy and successful? If not, what would you do to change that? Please discuss specific districts, such as Noble and Severance.

We need to engage with our businesses and find out what they need to be successful. In the Noble Area we have an opportunity to bring them together and form a strong organization. I have spoken with business owners on the North side. They want resources and support. They want a stronger relationship with the city. They also want to be promoted the same way other areas are promoted. Our business owners need access to training, resources, as well as capital. The city can serve as a partner in these areas. We need to bring resources to our businesses that will help them grow. This is in addition to the development of our business districts, pursuing companies to move to our city and creating spaces that attract people to those areas.

What role should environmental considerations play in the city’s policies and actions?

The environment should be at the forefront of every conversation about development, not an after thought. We need to actively look for ways to ensure we protect our environment and protect our resources. This means partnering with groups at the beginning of projects that work to protect our environment. This also means getting community feedback about projects and their impact on the environment and our resources. We can build our community and be responsible to our environment. We need to consider our projects will impact future generations. We also need to be proactive in terms of educating our community on what we can all do to help. Sustainability must be a priority.

How, and in what time frame, should a vacancy on city council be filled?

I have experienced the impact of drawn out vacancies. I was a finalist for the last appointment. I believe 90 days is more than enough time to review applicants and make an appointment. However, I believe it is always best to allow the voters to have the final say. I understand this can be costly and timing may also be an issue. But whenever possible, I believe taking the decision back to the voters is the best way.

What opportunities, if any, do you see for regional collaboration between Cleveland Heights and other local governments to provide services or facilities?

I spend most of my days between Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland. There are major opportunities for regional partnership and major projects. In order for areas such as Noble and Superior to really thrive, we must work with East Cleveland. Development and Safety don’t stop at city borders. We need to focus ways to share resources such as community facilities and development ideas. Every city on our borders needs to thrive if we are going to be truly successful. We need to find ways to save money while enhancing the resources we provide to our communities. This can be done in areas other than just Public Safety. We can also collaborate on development, community centers, pools, community outreach, housing issues and more.

What are your thoughts about the responsiveness of the city’s elected officials and staff to citizens' concerns?

I believe our city can improve how it both responds to and engages with residents. I believe in transparency. I believe government belongs to the people and has a duty to inform the people. There have been incidents where I feel that has not happened. I want to ensure citizens have all the facts and understand exactly where I stand. Community Engagement will be a large focus for me. Through regular town halls, backyard street meetings, a newsletter, block clubs as well as business luncheons, I will stay connected. It is imperative that City Officials are both available and accountable to its residents.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 3:33 PM, 10.01.2021