CH's future depends on maintaining city's existing homes

To the Editor:

For those who say new construction, such as Top of the Hill, is “building the tax base of Cleveland Heights,” I offer a bit of perspective. The value of the city’s property tax base is roughly $2.4 billion. Top of the Hill is adding $83 million, or 0.036% of what exists. Change in the income tax base will also be minor. 

In spite of the scant impact new construction has on our tax bases, Cleveland Heights needs all the new construction it can get in order to add new residents and patrons for local businesses. The strength of our tax bases is entirely dependent on the condition and attractiveness of the city’s massive quantity of existing homes and apartments. The more they deteriorate, the more tax revenues suffer. 

The city’s future depends squarely on maintaining the quality of existing properties through a more effective approach to code enforcement, an approach that aims for code compliance before properties die of neglect and deterioration.  

Thomas Bier

Thomas Bier
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 12:11 PM, 10.01.2021