Moore endorses Seren for CH mayor

On a personal level, I really like all three candidates for mayor. I have spoken with Barbara, Melody, and Kahlil, and each cares deeply for this community, has their own distinct leadership style, boasts an impressive résumé that will be useful to our incoming administration, and presents a compelling vision for the future of our city.

While I see the strengths of each candidate, I am endorsing Kahlil for two reasons. First, his values and vision most closely align with what I believe in and want for our city, and second, of these three candidates, he has the most experience working in government.

Voting one’s values is important because, as 2020 showed us, we can’t predict what the future will bring. When we elect people whose values are most like our own, we can rest assured that, when the unexpected happens, they will make decisions we can feel good about. I am confident that Kahlil’s progressive values will serve us well, come what may.

And I’ll confess: my political interests are a little selfish. My husband and I love our home and neighborhood, and we want to stay here for the rest of our lives. But we also want our children to live nearby when they’re older and ready to settle down. My vision for Cleveland Heights is shaped by my desire to create a city that offers future generations everything they may want and need in a community. Kahlil’s plans will help build a Cleveland Heights that will appeal to the next generation when they are looking for a place to call home.

Finally, Kahlil’s knowledge of and experience in government are unparalleled in the race. I do not believe that “government should be run like a business.” On the contrary, the purpose and scope of government are not those of any other sector; because of this, its processes and structures are like no other. Kahlil’s education, professional experience, and government service have prepared him well to lead us through this transition smoothly and skillfully.

We are living in a moment of transformation—globally, nationally, and locally. This is a time to let go of what no longer works and to embrace fresh ideas and new realities. Kahlil Seren is ready to lead us toward a sustainable, equitable, prosperous, accountable, and safe Cleveland Heights.

Josephine Moore

Josie Moore is a proud Cleveland Heights resident, mother, wife, and small-business owner. Formerly a candidate for CH mayor, Moore suspended her campaign in August, though her name remains on the Sept. 14 primary ballot.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 9:54 AM, 09.08.2021