Danforth will help arts and business

To the Editor:

We love music and enjoy sharing it with our neighbors. This summer, we were fortunate enough to host a front-yard concert with Moises Borges and Dylan Moffitt. It is a privilege to live in an area that supports live music and to invite neighbors to come and listen to a free concert. We enjoy living in a community where people value the arts. With Cain Park, Dobama Theatre, the Grog Shop, the Cedar Lee Theatre, Nighttown and so many other community treasures, Cleveland Heights has always been a regional leader for arts appreciation. For decades this community has provided a forum and venues for artists.

Yet, as a community we have not focused on telling our story and the story of the wonderful arts opportunities in the Heights.

Electing a mayor gives us the opportunity to look to one executive for leadership in maintaining and strengthening our arts community. Barbara Danforth has proposed a commission of artists who will help determine the future of Cleveland Heights as a vibrant city that welcomes creativity of all kinds.

The challenge of renewing Nighttown as one of the foremost jazz venues in the country will require creativity and the leadership only a proven executive can provide. Focus on expanding the arts is good for our neighborhoods, good for our children, and a good revenue generator for the community.

It is clear to us that electing a mayor who understands the vital role arts play in creating a strong community and a strong business and tax base is vital. It is also clear to us that Barbara Danforth is that person.

Ann Harlan and Ronald Neill

Ann Harlan and Ronald Neill
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 14, Issue 9, Posted 9:59 AM, 09.02.2021