County council's Stephens endorses Seren

In August 2019 I encouraged the residents of our city to vote to change our municipal charter so that the community could elect a mayor, not have one appointed by the members of city council. The issue to amend the charter was approved by more than 60% of the voters in that election. At that time, I wrote that I would not seek election to the office of mayor in 2021, and I haven’t.

It was my sincere hope that the rich diversity of people who are the residents of Cleveland Heights would encourage several members of the community who are smart, intelligent, hardworking, and strong leaders to run for the office of mayor. That came true, in that there were some incredibly positive discussions about who should run and what were good criteria for the evaluation and selection of a mayor.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been committed to supporting a vibrant election process. I have been willing to talk with candidates who wanted to talk with me, share my experiences in public and nonprofit administration freely, listen to new ideas from some candidates, and respond to requests for information on current development and housing issues. I want to thank the candidates (Danforth, Hart and Seren) who reached out to me, more than once, to show their willingness to talk, learn and listen for the good of our community.

As I said two years ago, “Cleveland Heights needs a robust and accountable leader, with an agenda for the future, and a commitment to engage and act on behalf of our residents.”  I have chosen who I will support; from my perspective the most robust, responsible, accountable and reliable of the candidates for mayor of Cleveland Heights is Kahlil Seren.

Kahlil can and will stay strong on issues that will help develop a better future for Cleveland Heights. He will never be a yes man; when people of higher profile, wealth and community influence would try to change the city’s priorities, he will look to our residents for the best answers and stand his ground on community issues. Most importantly, he will defend our community and search for the best investments, not stand to the side and wring his hands saying there is nothing he can do. Kahlil’s youth, energy, and commitment to the community are the best assets for mayor of Cleveland Heights. Join me in voting for him.

Cheryl Stephens

Born into a military family, raised on three continents, educated in Europe and the U.S., Cheryl Stephens developed a career in economic development and housing. She has lived in Cleveland Heights since 1989 and represented Cleveland Heights as an elected official since 2010, serving on CH City Council and, currently, Cuyahoga County Council.

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Volume 14, Issue 9, Posted 9:51 AM, 09.02.2021