Heights Arts presents 'Random Acts of Art'

A performance from the 2020 season. 

Heights Arts is proud to announce the return of its Random Acts of Art LIVE! music program for this summer and fall. The concert series was born during the pandemic, when local musicians found that their usually steady summer work was no longer available due to the shutdown of many, if not all, performance opportunities. Concerts went virtual, and artists were inspired to write and create new music addressing current issues and challenges. The Random Acts of Art LIVE! series allowed for continued live performances, bringing friends and neighbors together, while remaining socially distanced.

"There is something magical about hyper-local pop-up events like this, especially after some of the isolation we felt in the last year,” said Arleigh Savage, music coordinator at Heights Arts. “I always witness spontaneous conversation and excitement shared with listeners at these concerts, with everyone walking away feeling energized with the connection the event fosters."

The Random Acts of Art LIVE! program provided eight performances to the community last season, and it gave vital work to 17 musicians trying to make ends meet in the Heights community. Past hosts said the music provided a light during an otherwise gray period.

"Northcliffe neighbors enthusiastically hosted several socially distanced front-porch concerts this past summer. This was a wonderful opportunity for neighbors and friends to enjoy live music safely during the pandemic,” remembered concert host Donna Johnson. “The first concert was emotional. We were gathered with face masks on. For many of us, this was the first live music we had experienced since March. And this was our first neighborhood gathering since the pandemic. It was a joy seeing everyone!"

Heights Arts hopes to continue the momentum and provide more performances to the community in a safe, fun environment this season. Certain communities will also benefit from free concerts thanks to funding from the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation.

Said Heights Arts Executive Director Rachel Bernstein, “In many ways, this program is allowing us to reach communities we might not have been able to reach prior to the pandemic. It has given us a way to bring music to a neighborhood instead of waiting or hoping for its residents to find us—providing a performance for those who might never have heard it otherwise.”

In addition to free performances, private bookings are available to those who would like to host a performance. Those interested in booking a concert can visit www.heightsarts.org/random-acts-of-art to fill out a host reservation form. E-mail questions to Arleigh Savage, at music@heightsarts.org. 

Megan Gallagher

Megan Gallagher works in marketing at Heights Arts.

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