Elected officials must protect CH's green assets

To the Editor:

A recent stroll by the Top of the Hill project led me to also check out what has been called the "collegiate edition" of Top of the Hill, on Euclid Heights Boulevard. This is a student-housing project located directly across from Buckingham condominiums, to be marketed to Case Western Reserve University students.

Both the Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review seem to have mandated the preservation and incorporation of an existing 5,200-square-foot house and adjoining carriage house into the project, due to their historical significance. An excellent decision, which stands in stark contrast to the elimination of virtually every mature tree—literally anything green—between Overlook Park apartments and Margaret Wagner House. It would seem green space holds no historical significance. 

With upcoming development projects at the Millikin wetlands, MetroHealth, and Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook, citizens must stand guard. We need to elect representatives who, when changing the face of Cleveland Heights, will retain its historically significant beauty.

Steven Rowsey

Steven Rowsey
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 14, Issue 6, Posted 10:58 AM, 05.27.2021