New podcast focuses on Cleveland Heights' first mayoral race

If you’d asked fourth-grade me in 1983 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d have told you I wanted Phil Donahue’s job. I would have also considered taking over for Nev Chandler as voice of the Browns, or Peter Tomarken, the host of "Press Your Luck." 

Nearly 40 years later, I’m finally ready to chase the dream. I’ve determined that my most logical path to becoming "Press Your Luck" host begins with a twice-monthly podcast devoted to the place that made me, Cleveland Heights, and to the brave souls who hope to earn your vote and become our first-ever elected mayor.

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And you can always find it on the main menu of the Heights Observer website under "Podcasts". 

The title of the podcast is "Dew Diligence". If you don’t like it, "All are Welcome" to start your own podcast. Former school board member and current local grump Eric Silverman will be a regular in some as-yet-undetermined fashion. Very few people know more about Cleveland Heights and its history than Eric. If he turns out to be unbearable, we’ll swap him out. "Dew Diligence" will be, at a minimum, nimble. 

Supporting the Heights Observer, and local journalism in general, has never been more essential. I snuck into Northwestern University, thanks in no small part to Judy Wolf, one of my teachers at Fairfax Elementary School, who happened to know the woman who did the local Northwestern alumni interviews with prospective students. Our teachers and this school district always looked out for me. I look forward to trying to give a little bit back.

As face-to-face interactions will continue to be limited up through election day in November, I hope this podcast will give everyone a chance to get to know the candidates on a personal level. From Forest Hill to Noble to Taylor to Cedar Hill, I’ll attempt to include a diverse and comprehensive collection of perspectives.

In Cleveland Heights' 100th year, we voted overwhelmingly to move to an elected mayor, attempting to unstuck ourselves from the municipal mud. We also have four city council seats and three school board seats on the ballot in November. We have a lot on the line. Which of our neighbors will end up with the honor and the burden of leading us into our second century? I guess its time to figure it out.  

Adam Dew

Adam Dew graduated from Heights High, Class of '94. He owns Dew Media Inc., a video production company. 

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Volume 14, Issue 3, Posted 10:38 AM, 02.26.2021