School board should save Millikin wetlands

To the Editor:

I have seen the rooftop of the stable of the old Severance estate from Severance Circle for years now, so last month I decided to take a drive by Millikin school to see firsthand the property over which there has been so much controversy. What I found was possibly the last little hidden gem left in Cleveland Heights. (Michael Morse’s and Jim Miller's opinions in the December 2020 Heights Observer gave me even more insight into this little oasis. Check out Jim Miller's YouTube videos on Dugway Brook!) The stable has a fairly new roof and appears to be structurally sound.

While I have no objection to new development in the Heights, we can all see from the architecturally unattractive and inappropriate development of the Top of the Hill project that the city hasn't the ability to do the job correctly. 

Therefore, I would implore the school board to retain ownership of the property, continue to use the old school and stable for storage, and continue the situation as it stands. In the future, with a more robust economy, perhaps both sides of that wetlands can be tastefully developed, leaving the last little gem of Cleveland Heights just as it should remain.

Seriously, [if the school board wants] to sell this property for $1, I'll pay $1 to keep it as it is.

Steven Rowsey

Steven Rowsey
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 14, Issue 2, Posted 11:59 AM, 01.29.2021