Why my family supports Issue 69

To the Editor:

My family and I have lived in Cleveland Heights since 2001. After beginning their education with wonderful years at Canterbury Elementary School, our daughters (now 20 and 17) switched to the private school where my husband worked. We continued to support every CH-UH levy during this time because we understand the value of strong public schools to the entire community.    

In 2018 our younger daughter, Lily, asked to tour Heights High. Coming from a small, high-touch private-school experience, I suspected we [might] receive an impersonal introduction. How wrong I was. Joy Henderson provided thoughtful, individualized support and guidance as Lily learned about Heights and considered making the change. Lily started Heights as a ninth-grader and has loved it from day one. 

Now a junior, Lily enjoys a challenging schedule of AP and honors classes, and is in her third year of Swim Cadets. She loves the school community—she’s met teachers she truly respects and has made great friends. Lily tells everyone who asks that returning to Heights schools was the best decision she ever made—and we agree. 

Today, we still support the CH-UH levy because we believe in public schools. But now, our support is also based on first-hand, up-close experience. We urge everyone to support the most important expression of community, our schools, and vote for Issue 69 to ensure that Lily—and students across the district—can continue to have such a high-quality educational experience for years to come.

Kirsten Fawcett-Dubow

Kirsten Fawcett-Dubow is a social worker and therapist in private practice who lives in Cleveland Heights with her husband and two daughters.

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Volume 13, Issue 10, Posted 10:19 AM, 10.01.2020