Another epidemic: elected officials interfering with free elections

To the Editor:

[In the] November 2019 election: Some CH City Council members create, fund and campaign with a ballot issue PAC against the citizens' Elected Mayor charter change referendum. The city manager's trade union donates $30,000 to defeat the ballot issue.

March 2020 election: CH-UH school district illegally spends $34,675 of taxpayer funds as an in-kind donation for the campaign committee's voter survey, then lies about it to the state auditor. The school board president and vice president are on the campaign's steering committee, with their school board titles prominently displayed. The vice president held the campaign kick-off fundraiser at his home before the issue was even on the ballot. A school board member takes part in the planned sabotage of the Vote No campaign kick-off fundraiser at the New Heights Grille.

2019: Columbus legislators wet their beaks as they run First Energy's $60-million campaign to defeat a petition campaign to repeal HB 6. They bribed petitioners to quit.

2017–20: Washington, D.C. . . .

Garry Kanter

Garry Kanter
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 13, Issue 9, Posted 7:56 AM, 09.01.2020