CH-UH district supports the community; needs our votes

To the Editor:

These past days and weeks have caused so much upheaval and uncertainty for our families, our community, and our world. We are benefitting from a governor who has taken decisive action, requiring sacrifices from all to curb what could otherwise be devastating to so many.

Likewise, our CH-UH school district, under the leadership of Superintendent Elizabeth Kirby, has taken quick action to ensure the safety and well-being of our children. But the district didn’t just comply with the state-ordered closure; it is doing much more. It is providing breakfast and lunch to ALL children in the community, not just those who attend CH-UH public schools; it has provided computers to Heights families to facilitate distance learning; it is coordinating virtual social-emotional and mental health services for students and families; and it has communicated with families about what’s happening and what to expect next with both clarity and empathy.

When Heights children return to school, we cannot underestimate the impact the COVID-19 response will have had on them. We will need EVERY facet of CH-UH programming and services in place for students as they find their footing. If they don’t return until the fall (as some are suggesting), they should not come back to larger class sizes, fewer nurses or guidance counselors, the need to walk to school because of a change in bus routes, limited music classes, and the need to pay to participate in sports. These are the very things that will help them adjust to their new normal.

I voted for Issue 26 BEFORE I saw the district step up. If you haven’t voted yet, now that you are witnessing what a quality public school option we have, I hope you vote for Issue 26 as well.

Saroya Queen-Tabor

Saroya Queen-Tabor
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 13, Issue 4, Posted 4:32 PM, 04.02.2020