City councils should consider impact of school levy

To the Editor:

If passed, the proposed school levy increase would give the Heights the highest property tax rate in Ohio. That is quite a severe burden when one considers the large number of low- and middle-income taxpayers here. Has any organization or elected leader in the Heights studied the impact on the community? How will this affect population, tax delinquencies, vacancies, home ownership, the quality of housing, and local businesses? The long-term trend of all of these is negative. 

Where are our city councils? Has any city found success in being #1 for property tax rates? The school board, [teachers] union, and all others supporting this levy are not concerned with these questions.

The cities [of Cleveland Heights and University Heights] should be considering the needs and future of the wider community. Instead of wasting money on college loan and municipal broadband studies, the cities should commission an economic impact study on this school levy

One day our cities will need to come to taxpayers for additional funds to support some vital improvement or services, but we will be tapped out by the school district.

Bonnie Dolezal

Bonnie Dolezal
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 13, Issue 3, Posted 10:27 AM, 02.28.2020